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Bocconcini Skewers with Basil and Tomatoes

Blossom Lady
Jun 27, 2020 12:56 AM
Bocconcini Skewers with Basil and Tomatoes

Strikingly simple, this little craft project will only be as good as the few ingredients involved. So choose the freshest mozzarella balls - bocconcini, the sweetest possible cherry tomatoes, and the perkiest basil leaves. There. I’ve just given you the entire recipe! Obviously, it’s the best party snack ever. You can buy cool wooden cocktail picks at any kitchen store and at some specialty grocery stores. Or just use regular toothpicks. How many pieces of cheese, cherry tomatoes, and basil leaves you put on each serving is up to you and depends on their size.

If you’re serving this with pesto and you’re making it from scratch, you can prepare it well ahead of time.


Fresh pesto is available in grocery stores, but if you have a blender or a food processor, and fresh basil is abundant, it’s much cheaper to make your own. This keeps for weeks, or even months, if you keep the top sealed with a layer of olive oil, and you store it in a tightly covered container in the refrigerator. Use it on any dish, where basil and garlic are already welcome.

Ingredients for Pesto:

3 cups (tightly packed) fresh basil leaves

3 medium cloves garlic

1/3 cup olive oil, plus a little extra

1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese


Place the basil leaves and garlic in a food processor or blender, and pulverize. Keep the machine running while you drizzle in the olive oil in a steady stream. When you have a smooth paste, transfer to a bowl. That’s it!

Bocconcini skewers recipe


½ pound (about 20) mini mozzarella balls, drained

1 small container small cherry tomatoes (assorted colors, if available)

About 20 small basil leaves

Pesto for dipping (optional), store-bought or (better) homemade


1. Skewer 1 or 2 cheese balls, tomatoes, and individual basil leaves on each cocktail skewer.

2. Arrange the skewers on a serving plate. If you like, place a dish of pesto in the center for dipping.


Drizzle the skewers with high-quality olive oil and sprinkle on some freshly grated black pepper, plus a pinch of dried oregano and/or thyme.

Wrap the mozzarella balls and tomatoes with small pieces of prosciutto.

Bon Appétit! Wishing you a lovely Saturday!

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