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How to Cut a Watermelon

Blossom Lady
Aug 13, 2021 11:23 PM
How to Cut a Watermelon

Okay, who among us hasn’t lugged one of these delicious juicy, red giants into our kitchens and then thought “wow, where do i start?” It’s kinda nice to have a plan before you start wielding a knife around that rolly, wobbly, seriously-so-giant summer treat, you know? And there is so much possibility beyond your standard cube situation!

We’re not saying you have to, like, carve a shark into it or anything (although please trust us, someone has done this), but you could go for snack-sticks, fun shapes, or our favorite: turning that big ol’ melon into your own little juice keg to the absolute marvel of all your party guests. So scroll on, friends, for all things watermelon!

There are five main ways we love to cut a watermelon.

Cubes (your standard cubed situation – great for easy snacking, fruit bowls, smoothies, and salads)

Triangles (your cutie watermelon wedge – this one has a built-in rind handle for easy eating and has been voted “Most Likely to Be Spotted at a BBQ”)

Sticks (your grab-and-go melon friend – an unconventional method but, honestly, just a really fun way to eat watermelon)

Fancy (your extra-special fruit cut – just a quick way to make watermelon look like the superstar it truly is)

Party Trick (your melon-turned-drink-vessel – pop a spigot on the front and instant watermelon juice)

Prep Time:
5 minutes
Cook Time:
5 minutes
Total Time:
10 minutes
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