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Cherry Jam Tart + Sweet Pastry Recipe for Pies and Tarts

Blossom Lady
Jul 15, 2020 09:15 AM
Cherry Jam Tart + Sweet Pastry Recipe for Pies and Tarts

If I had to choose a fruit dessert over chocolate, fruit would win every time. I love the fresh, bright taste fruit gives to recipes and how different varieties can vary so much in their flavor.

Whenever there is an outing or a country lunch or a big family dinner, you can count on the Italians’ most loved dolce, or sweet, being present. Wild cherries can be found everywhere in this time of the year, and the marmalade made from them is a must for this delicious cherry jam tart. Using cherry preserves really makes this tart sweet and luscious, but you may use any jam that you love! I have a feeling this tart will become a staple in my house from now on!! Something tells me it will in your house too ? Let me know!

First, let me share with you the simple recipe of a thin pastry for pies, tarts, and pasta. It can be made by hand or prepared in a food processor or electric mixer.

How to prepare sweet pastry?

You will need:

  • 5 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, cut into pieces (75 g)
  • 5 tablespoons cold lard, cut into small pieces (75 g)
  • 2O cups all-purpose flour (300 g)
  • 2/3 cup sugar, better if superfine (130 g)
  • 2 large egg yolks, at room temperature
  • 1 whole egg
  • Grated zest of 1/2 large lemon

Directions (if preparing by hand):

Step 1

Remove the butter and lard from the refrigerator 5 minutes before using them. Sift the flour directly onto a work table, preferably of marble, hollowing out the center to make a well. Cut the cold butter and lard into small pieces into the well and quickly mix into the flour, using your fingertips. When the butter and lard are incorporated, again make a well in the center.

Step 2

Beat the yolks in a small bowl with the sugar and lemon zest and pour into the center of the well. Work rapidly to amalgamate the yolks with the flour mixture, using your fingertips. Press with the palm of your hand two or three times. Wrap in waxed paper and allow to rest in a cool place for at least 30 minutes before using it.

If using a food processor:

Put the flour in the work bowl and add the cold butter and lard, just removed from the refrigerator, cut into small pieces. Pulse until the mixture is crumbly. Beat together the yolks, sugar, and lemon zest and add to the bowl while the processor is in motion, pulsing just until the mixture forms a ball around the blade. Remove the dough from the bowl and gather together into a ball, then press into a disk rapidly. Wrap in waxed paper and refrigerate for a minimum of 1 hour, or overnight.

If using an electric mixer:

Use the paddle or bread hook. Put the flour and the cold butter and lard cut into small pieces into the bowl of the mixer. Holding a tea towel around the bowl to keep the flour from scattering, mix until the butter, lard, and flour are crumbly. Beat together the eggs, sugar, and lemon zest. With the mixer on, add to the bowl, 1 tablespoon at a time. When the pasta is ready, it will form a ball around the paddle or hook. Wrap in waxed paper and refrigerate for a minimum of 1 hour, or overnight.

Ingredients for Cherry Jam Tart

Sweet Pastry (recipe below)

2 cups good cherry jam, wild if possible (300 g)

3 tablespoons cherry or berry liqueur

1 egg yolk


Step 1

Preheat the oven to 375°F. Butter and flour an 11-inch tart pan with removable sides.

Step 2

Make the pastry as directed above. Remove one-third of the pastry and refrigerate it while preparing the rest of the tart.

Step 3

Roll out the remaining two-thirds of the pastry as thin as possible and fit it into the prepared tart pan. Fold the edges under and crimp them. Prick all over the bottom of the pan with a fork and refrigerate the unbaked shell while preparing the filling.

Step 4

Put the jam into a small bowl, add the liqueur, and mix thoroughly. Pour the mixture into the prepared shell. Roll out the reserved pastry, cut it into strips, and make a lattice over the top of the tart, attaching the strips to the bottom crust. Crimp the rim of the tart. Beat the egg yolk with 1 tablespoon of water and use this glaze to paint the crust’s rim and the strips.

Step 5

Bake the tart for 30 minutes, or until it is light brown. Transfer the pan to a rack and let cool for 10 minutes. Gently remove the pan’s rim and cool the tart. When the tart is cool, run a sharp knife around it and, using large spatulas, slide it onto a serving dish. Serve at room temperature.

That’s it! Bon appetit!

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